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Common Organization Rules

Common Organization Rules

The rules for car audio competitions vary depending on the organization hosting the event and the specific competition being held. However, there are some common rules and guidelines that are typically followed in most competitions. Here are some examples:

Sound pressure level (SPL) and Power limits:
Competitors must comply with maximum Power/SPL limits for their class or category. These limits are usually measured in decibels (dB) and are based on the specific type of competition and the rules of the organization hosting the event.

Music selection:
Competitors must use approved music tracks provided by the competition organizers. The tracks are usually selected to test the system's ability to play various types of music, from bass-heavy to mid-range to high-frequency.

Equipment restrictions:

Depending on the competition, there may be restrictions on the types of equipment that can be used. For example, some competitions may limit the number of subwoofers or amplifiers that can be used, while others may require competitors to use specific types of equipment or brands.

Vehicle modifications:
In some competitions, there may be restrictions on the types of modifications that can be made to the vehicle. This can include restrictions on the number of batteries, alternators, or other components that can be added. Be sure to check the rules for the organizations that you will be competing in as they may vary greatly.

Judging criteria:

Competitors are judged on a variety of criteria, including SPL, sound quality, frequency response, and overall presentation. Judges may also consider factors such as installation quality and aesthetics.

Safety regulations:
Competitors are required to follow safety regulations, which may include wearing hearing protection, securing equipment properly, and ensuring that the vehicle is stable and does not pose a risk to other competitors or spectators.

These are just some of the common rules and guidelines that are typically followed in car audio competitions. It's important to review the specific rules of the competition you plan to attend to ensure that you are in compliance and can compete safely and fairly.

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