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Competitor Code of Ethics

Competitor Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics for Car Audio Competitors

The Code of Ethics for car audio competitions outlines the principles and guidelines that all competitors should follow. By adhering to these principles, competitors can ensure fair play, respect, safety, sportsmanship, professionalism, honesty, compliance, fair judging, and environmental stewardship. This Code of Ethics is essential to the integrity and reputation of car audio competitions and helps to ensure a positive experience for all participants.

Fair Play:

All competitors must follow the rules and guidelines set by the competition organizers. Cheating or using unfair tactics to gain an advantage over other competitors is strictly prohibited in all organizations and will be cause for disqualification.


All competitors must treat each other with respect and courtesy. NO Verbal abuse, intimidation, or any other form of harassment.


All competitors must prioritize safety at all times. Competitors must follow all safety guidelines and take necessary precautions to prevent injury to themselves, spectators, venue property or others.


All competitors must exhibit good sportsmanship and respect the outcome of the competition. This includes accepting defeat gracefully and congratulating the winner.


All competitors must behave in a professional manner at all times. This includes dressing appropriately, avoiding inappropriate language or behavior, and conducting themselves in a manner that reflects positively on themselves and the competition.


All competitors must be honest and truthful in all aspects of the competition. This includes accurately reporting their scores, disclosing any modifications made to their equipment, and adhering to all rules and regulations.


All competitors must comply with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. This includes complying with noise ordinances and other regulations related to car audio competitions.

Fair Judging:

All competitions must have impartial and fair judging. Judges must be knowledgeable about car audio and follow the competition's judging criteria. Judges must also avoid conflicts of interest or biases.

Environmental Stewardship:

All competitors must prioritize environmental stewardship and minimize their impact on the environment. This includes reducing waste, using sustainable practices, and avoiding excessive noise pollution.

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